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CIWF and the Ethical Matrix

Compassion In World Farming (CIWF) was established in 1967 by Peter Roberts, a dairy farmer, because he and his wife were becoming concerned about animal welfare in the system of factory farming that was becoming more and more prevalent. The organization, which began based in their home, now has offices in Ireland, France, and Holland and representatives in seven other countries. CIWFs mission is to increase animal well being worldwide, and put a stop to factory farming. CIWF continuously campaigns against practices such as veal crates and long-distance transport of animals.

CIWF also provides many educational resources, including the Ethical Matrix. The Ethical Matrix was written for CIWF by Professor Ben Mepham of Nottingham University. This interactive program explores the ethical issues of factory farming in respect to the animals, the environment, the farmer, and the consumer.

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