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I created this video to illustrate the main issues with factory farming. These issues are the deplorable conditions in which food animals are kept in the United Stated of America. Which leads to the animals becoming ill, lowering the quality of the meat. The over-use of antibiotics in factory farms. These antibiotics are needed to keep the animals from developing even more infections, but they also spread antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria, such as MRSA, which can then infect human populations. Factory farming is bad for the environment. It releases massive amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gasses, contributing to global warming. It also polluted local water supplies, both near the feedlots, and where the corn that goes into the animal feed is grown. Workers in slaughter houses are mistreated. Most are immigrants who are illiterate in English (and often in Spanish). They are not unionized, and the slaughter houses work to maintain a close to 100 percent turnover rate. They keep the turnover rate so high because it keeps their costs low because they don’t have to provide workers with benefits, such as medical coverage. The turnover rate means that most workers are unaccustomed to the work. In a workplace where most workers are working knives free-handed, quickly and in close quarters, this leads to injuries, which workers are encouraged to hide so the company does not have to pay for their medical care. Unpracticed workers are also more likely to make mistakes which lead to fecal matter from the hides or intestines of the animals contaminating the meat. This leads to the presence of Salmonella and Pathogenic E. Coli, which cause illness in humans.

Factory Farmed meat is bad for all involved, both in its production and in its consumption, and because of the environmental damage it causes, it is bad for those who never eat factory farmed meat. We can all do our part to help though. Everyone can choose to eat less meat or to eat organic meat from small farms, which is raised in a much better manner. and everyone can become involved in creating regulations that lesson the impact of factory farming, and work towards eradicating it altogether.

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