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image curtasy of www.goveg.comThe first step in stopping industrialized farming is supporting sustainable farms. Has an extensive list of organic farms and suppliers in the US. Organic meat is meat that is free of harmful chemicals, has been fed a diet that is suited to the animal, and is allowed free acess to the outside.

The next step is making your voice heard and forcing better regulations on the meat and dairy industry. Here are some links that can help you do just that.

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    Melanie said,

    I hate seeing these videos it hurts me so much that this is done to these anilmals I am def going to try to change my way of eating for me and my two kids what hurts me the most is people in my family think that I am crazy to believe that this stuff happeneds in order to get the meat I dont understand how my own family can think this is not true how else do we get the meat it makes me want to cry. Its awful that someone could have a job doing that its just as bad as murder to a person.

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